Monday, July 19, 2010


Disney Wedding Invitations are perfect when you want to start your marriage with not just “Once upon a time ...” but also to look forward to the promise “... and they lived happily ever after”.

Every little girl knows that their first concept of love started when they read fairy tales. Oh how they swoon over the thought that someday their prince will come to sweep them off their feet; floored by the idea that there is indeed a Prince Charming.

Most of these fairy tales - celebrations of undying love - are immortalized in such classic Disney films as Beauty and the Beast , Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, just to name a few.

There are also other romantic yet fun loving Walt Disney couples such as the popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the often bickering pair of Donald and Daisy Duck, or even the odd couple of Goofy and Clarabelle.

As those little girls grow up to eventually find their own Prince Charmings, somehow there are those who want to live that dream, albeit only for a day, by recreating their favorite love story as a concept or theme for their own wedding.

The correct kind of invitations set the tone for themed wedding celebrations.

If a Disney themed wedding is what you want, then Disney wedding invitations are a must. However, expert wedding planners agree that it is best and can even be more memorable for your invites if the Disney characters or couple that you choose will remind them of you. Do you posssess qualities similar to Mickey and Minnie Mouse or are you more like the feisty Mulan and General Chang? Perhaps you are one couple who believes in the saying “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, then a Beauty and the Beast wedding invitation will suit you best.

More than anything else, try to let your wedding guests know that they need to look beyond the seeming child like theme. You need to help them believe that those Disney wedding invitations you sent out carries the hope that yours will be a marriage that will really end with “... and they lived happily ever after”.

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