Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Perfect Wedding Invitation

For every wedding event, the couple must have the perfect wedding invitation to give out to their guest. Most weddings happen during June, also known as the wedding month, and a lot of couples tie the knot around that time of the year. Normally, half a year (6mos) prior the wedding date, the couple prepares the wedding invitation and to be given out to the guest a month or two before the wedding date.

Wedding invitations consists of 2-3 sheets of paper inviting the guests to come and celebrate the wedding with the couple. It is normally written in a third person language. By tradition, the brides themselves take care of the wedding invitations from scratch! But with the technology we have right now, brides can now choose the printer and coordinates with them for the cover, text, presentation, and paper texture of the invites, thus saving them the hassle of making it themselves.

Brides must not stress themselves which and what the layout to use nor the text, since printers are accustomed with all kinds of invites and they will gladly show all the options. For some couples who prefer to add another language into their invitation, printers also have Chinese-ready or other language ready invites, and all you need to put is the details eg names, dates and venues. Hassle free!

For couples who are in a budget, do not fret on spending tons of money, because it is very easy to make your own perfect wedding invitations. Brides can now print on their personal computers using a laser printer or inkjet printer and brides can also use the Internet for some guides on layout and text. Some artistically inclined brides may also opt for handmade written or calligraphy for added uniqueness and design to the invite.

Also, in addition to the wedding invitation itself, some couples add a little note which reads R.S.V.P with the name of the contact person and his/her number. RSVP is an abbreviation often used to the request the invitee let the host know if he or she will be attending. The word RSVP comes the French term, "Répondez si'l vous plaît," which means "please reply." On this RSVP note, directions, maps, gift options and other announcements are also printed on.

More Tips for a Perfect Wedding Invitations!

There is nothing more stressful when finding out names printed in the wedding invitation had been misspelled or wrong dates have been engraved. To prevent these things from happening, brides can make sure to do the following:

1. Proof read the invite before sending it to the printer.

2. Try reading the wedding invitation backwards, thus by doing this, will push the eyes to read each words very carefully.

3. Have someone proof read it. (Given the fact that brides normally are in pressured or in a very stressful situation)


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