Tuesday, February 2, 2010

6 Top Trends For Wedding Invitations 2010

Are you a style-conscious celebrity watcher, eager to catch the newest trend in wedding gowns? Do you scour bridal mags looking for the best fashion forward ideas? Fashionistas everywhere know that stylish wedding invitation ideas are just as important as the wedding favors or the floral arrangements. Look for these top trends in the best wedding invitations for 2010:

*Mix-n-Match - The go-to fashion for the New Year is fast becoming coordinating bridesmaids dresses. Reflect this in your invites by using mix-n-match stationery. For instance, use a solid-colored invitation with a fun striped or patterned reply card. Another option is to mix and match colors in opposite colors of the spectrum or by using coordinating shades. If you're into DIY, consider seeking out mix and match kits which will allow you to customize your invitation ideas. Mix and match invitations and invitation kits can be found easily through online wedding suppliers.

*Splash 'em with color - Lately stylish brides have been spicing up the traditional white wedding gown with flashes of color. If you're choosing this bridal runway-inspired style, let your stationery follow suit. Try a white or ivory invitation trimmed with a color that matches the colors in your bridal gown.

*Be green - Whether you're an honest-to-goodness tree hugger or a woman who just wants to make a difference in the environment, some of the best wedding invitations for 2010 are eco-friendly. From paper made with up to 100% recycled products to invites embedded with seeds that can be planted in your guests' gardens, it's possible to find invites that are easy on the eyes--and easy on the earth.

*Go neutral - One of the hottest new trends in wedding stationery is using metallics as neutral colors. Earthy bronzes, elegant platinums, and opulent golds are guaranteed to add shimmer and shine to fashion-forward invites. Wow your guests with shimmery, silvery paper or classic golden borders.

*Custom wedding stationery - Some of the best wedding invitations for 2010 are customized invites that let your personality shine through. By working with a wedding stationery specialist, you can customize invites, from selecting your own font and ink colors to one-of-a-kind images.

*Frugal is fashionable - DIY kits are a top wedding invitation idea trend, allowing brides to print invites or other matching cards, such as thank yous, on high-quality paper using a home computer. You'll save a few bucks on printing and, as a bonus, will have complete control over how the invites look.

Remember, it's not worth letting your quest for style get in the way of your wedding day. Ultimately, the best wedding invitations for your ceremony are the ones you like. So find wedding invitations that match your own personal taste and style.

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