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DIY Wedding Preparation : How to Save Money on Weddings
Saving money on weddings requires developing an organized budget...
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DIY Wedding Preparation : How to Make a Wedding Card Box
To make a wedding card box that houses guests' greeting cards...
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To create a map for wedding invitations, simply trace the major streets...
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Printing wedding invitations at home is a great way to save money...
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Tying a bow on a wedding invitation is trickier than tying shoes...
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Making wedding invitations can be dong using colored card stock...
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DIY Wedding Preparation : How to Make Wedding Invites With Card Stock
Card stock is a great material to make wedding invites...
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DIY Wedding Invitations Software - A Must Have Tool!

Doing your own wedding invitations can be tedious but with the tools available online creating an elegant and attractive wedding invitation can be simple and The best part is your friend will never know a pro didn't do it.

"It's simple, it's elegant, it's affordable and you can do it yourself."

This tool lets you print high-quality invitations on any kind of paper or envelope on your own printer in less than 20 minutes. Not only you can save money but precious time as well.

Product Features

  • Use with any printer-compatible stationery, including folded cards, envelopes and place cards.
  • Easily layout your stationery, add graphics, photos and text, includes 12 original fonts.
  • Keep track of RSVP count, guest list, gifts, even thank-you notes.
  • Store all your contact names and addresses in the built-in address book.
  • Use again and again after the wedding for all your parties and events.
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