Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating the Perfect Layout For DIY Wedding Invitations

Preparing for your wedding is one of life's most amazing experiences and a DIY wedding invitation is a lovely addition to the details that will provide your guests with something to admire and treasure. By "Designing It Yourself" or DIY, you can save money and still achieve the finished look that you want. DIY wedding invitations present a great opportunity for you to unleash your creativity, so follow these tips for creating the perfect DIY wedding invitations:

1. Research it. With a few simple searches you'll find stunning designs from which you can take inspiration. Professional designers lead the way with their letterpress stationery, so find out what others are doing and how you can incorporate their ideas in your DIY wedding stationery.

2. One of the key aspects of good design is balance, or how objects are positioned relative to each other. For DIY wedding invitations, decide if you want the object or text to be very evenly distributed or more loosely arranged on the page. Whichever style you choose, you can ensure that your DIY wedding invitations are appealing by using multiple elements (such as lace or ribbons) - these will provide depth and texture to your invites.

3. Like professionally designed wedding invitations, your DIY invitations can benefit from having an "anchor" object or focal point on the invitation. One very popular technique is to create a border or frame around an anchor object, like a picture of the happy couple that is partially centered on the page. Having this type of attention grabbing framed object just off-center will give your DIY wedding invitations a more polished look.

4. Use colors that compliment each other and are not too hard on the eyes. Using different hues in the same color family can help keep your DIY wedding invitations from looking too "busy" with color. You may also want to experiment with printing on colored paper, as some color schemes will look better than others. Also, select fonts that will compliment your text, are appropriate for the occasion, and are easy to read. You'll want your guests to be able to decipher the details at first glance.

Your DIY wedding invitations can be exquisite and personal. Just take care not too over-design them. Follow the tips here and you'll create wedding invitations that will be cherished by you and your guests for a lifetime.

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